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Exploring the Floor Plans of Bagnall Haus Condo


Bagnall Haus Condo offers a variety of floor plans designed to meet the diverse needs and preferences of its residents. From cozy one-bedroom units to spacious three-bedroom apartments, each floor plan is thoughtfully crafted to maximize space, comfort, and functionality. This guide provides an overview of the different floor plans available at Bagnall Haus Condo, highlighting their unique features and benefits.

One-Bedroom Units

Cozy and Efficient

The one-bedroom units at Bagnall Haus Condo are ideal for singles or couples seeking a compact yet comfortable living space. These units typically range from 600 to 800 square feet, offering a well-designed layout that includes:

  • Open-Plan Living Area: Combines the living room, dining area, and kitchen into a seamless, open space that feels spacious and inviting.
  • Modern Kitchen: Features high-end appliances, sleek cabinetry, and ample counter space for cooking and entertaining.
  • Bedroom: A cozy retreat with large windows, a spacious closet, and enough room for a queen-sized bed.
  • Bathroom: Equipped with modern fixtures and finishes, providing a luxurious feel.


  • Ideal for Singles and Couples: Perfect for those seeking a stylish, low-maintenance living space.
  • Efficient Use of Space: Smart design ensures maximum functionality in a compact area.

Two-Bedroom Units

Versatile and Spacious

Two-bedroom units at Bagnall Haus Condo offer more space and flexibility, making them suitable for small families, roommates, or individuals who need a home office. These units typically range from 900 to 1,200 square feet and include:

  • Spacious Living and Dining Area: A larger living space that can accommodate more furniture and provides a comfortable environment for relaxation and entertainment.
  • Well-Appointed Kitchen: Features high-quality appliances, ample storage, and a stylish design.
  • Master Bedroom: Includes an en-suite bathroom and a walk-in closet for added privacy and convenience.
  • Second Bedroom: Suitable for guests, children, or use as a home office.
  • Additional Bathroom: A second bathroom enhances convenience for residents and guests.


  • Flexible Living Options: Suitable for various living arrangements, including families and professionals working from home.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Separate bedrooms and additional bathrooms offer more privacy and comfort.

Three-Bedroom Units

Luxurious and Expansive

The three-bedroom units at Bagnall Haus Condo are designed for those who need more space and desire a luxurious living environment. These units typically range from 1,400 to 1,800 square feet and feature:

  • Expansive Living and Dining Area: A generous open-plan space that is perfect for entertaining and family gatherings.
  • Gourmet Kitchen: Equipped with top-of-the-line appliances, extensive counter space, and a large island or breakfast bar.
  • Master Suite: A luxurious bedroom with a spacious en-suite bathroom, walk-in closet, and large windows offering beautiful views.
  • Two Additional Bedrooms: Ideal for family members, guests, or use as home offices or hobby rooms.
  • Multiple Bathrooms: Includes en-suite and shared bathrooms, all featuring high-end fixtures and finishes.


  • Ideal for Families: Offers ample space for comfortable family living.
  • Luxury Living: High-end finishes and expansive layouts provide a premium living experience.

Customizable Options

Personalization and Flexibility

Bagnall Haus Condo also offers customizable options for those who want to personalize their living space. Residents can work with the design team to modify layouts, select finishes, and incorporate unique features that suit their lifestyle and preferences.


Bagnall Haus Condo provides a variety of floor plans to cater to different needs, from cozy one-bedroom units to luxurious three-bedroom apartments. Each floor plan is designed with attention to detail, ensuring that residents enjoy a comfortable, functional, and stylish living environment. Whether you’re a single professional, a growing family, or someone who values luxury and space, Bagnall Haus Condo has the perfect floor plan to meet your needs.

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