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Comprehensive Guide to Enterprise Singapore Grants


Introduction to Enterprise Singapore Grants

Enterprise Singapore is a government agency in Singapore that supports the growth of local businesses. One of the key ways it does this is by offering a variety of grants to help businesses upgrade their capabilities, innovate, and expand internationally. These grants cover a wide range of areas, from technology adoption to market access, and are designed to help businesses at different stages of development.

What are Enterprise Singapore Grants?

Enterprise Singapore grants are financial assistance programs that provide funding support to Singaporean businesses for various projects and initiatives. These grants are aimed at helping businesses improve their competitiveness, productivity, and sustainability. They can be used for activities such as capability development, innovation, market access, and internationalization.

Types of Enterprise Singapore Grants

  1. Enterprise Development Grant (EDG): Supports projects that help businesses upgrade their capabilities, innovate, and expand overseas.
  2. Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG): Provides funding support for the adoption of pre-approved productivity solutions and technologies.
  3. Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) Grant: Helps businesses expand into overseas markets by providing funding support for market entry activities.
  4. Global Company Partnership (GCP) Grant: Supports Singapore-based companies in their internationalization efforts by co-funding eligible expenses.
  5. Startup SG Founder Grant: Provides funding support to first-time entrepreneurs for the development of innovative startups.

Eligibility for Enterprise Singapore Grants

Eligibility criteria for Enterprise Singapore grant vary depending on the specific grant and project. In general, businesses must be registered and operating in Singapore, have a minimum local shareholding, and meet certain financial criteria. Each grant has specific eligibility requirements that businesses must meet to qualify for funding.

How to Apply for Enterprise Singapore Grants

  1. Assessment: Businesses should assess their eligibility and suitability for the grant they are interested in.
  2. Preparation: Businesses should prepare the necessary documents, such as a project proposal, budget, and financial statements.
  3. Application: Businesses can apply for the grant through the Enterprise Singapore website or portal.
  4. Evaluation: Applications are evaluated based on criteria such as project feasibility, impact, and alignment with grant objectives.
  5. Approval: Successful applicants will receive approval and funding support for their projects.


Enterprise Singapore grants are a valuable resource for Singaporean businesses looking to upgrade their capabilities, innovate, and expand internationally. By understanding the different types of grants available, their eligibility criteria, and the application process, businesses can leverage these grants to drive growth and success.

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